Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gluten Free "Pronto" Salad

Do you ever find yourself needing to make a last minute meal? Do you suddenly realize that the day has flown by, all of a sudden read the clock on your microwave (this is how I gauge time 99.9 percent of the time while at home, hence the analogy.) and see that it's 4:55 + you haven't come up with anything for dinner? Do you scramble around the kitchen + look inside the refrigerator to see what random thing you can throw together to call it a meal?

Well, that was me yesterday + this is what came from that moment of panic.

Gluten Free "Pronto" Salad.

As in, I need something for dinner NOW!

This salad can be customized to your liking but all the basics are there.
Add some chicken, turkey, or steak on top of it and you can officially call it a meal!

No meat for you? That's A-ok. This baby can also be eaten as a little side salad along any main course of your choosing. As usual, I'm not reinventing the wheel here, friends. I'm just thoughtfully reminding you of the obvious choices for meals on days when you need something to eat and you need it fast. Something on days like ours lately, when we are desperately trying not to eat the Gluten Free Mac + Cheese that's filled with yummy gooey cheese and delightfully addictive noodles, and rather something much more healthy instead.

It's the New Year. We are trying to be good. ;)


To make this salad for yourself -- simply get together all the ingredients + do a little prep.

For the prep...
All you'll need to do is thinly slice 1 cucumber, 2 medium carrots + slice in half 1/2 package of grape tomatoes.

Once that's all prepped + ready to go -- start layering all of the ingredients, beginning with the romaine lettuce as your base.

Top this salad with your favorite Gluten Free dressing or simply just add a splash of balsamic vinegar + olive oil to the top! 

Serve + Enjoy! :)


Are you trying to stick to a New Years resolution you made? Are you trying any healthy Gluten Free recipes that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear all about it! 

Until next time...

Happy Healthy Eating + Gluten Free Cooking! 
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