Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gluten Free Goodie: Rosemary + Sea Salt Rice Krispies

Hello + Happy New Year, Everyone! :)

How's 2013 treating you all so far? Anyone have any good resolutions to share?

Mine for one, is to start posting more on this blog, especially now that we have officially moved + are settling in our new (temporary) home. :) I've also started a new workout routine (don't we all at the first of the year? Ha!) + I'm excited to get in shape!

Today I've arrived with a very special "goodie" share. I know that I said that I would run the Gluten Free Goodie Giveaway + Contest through December 31st; however, there was one final entry that I received that I absolutely knew I wanted to post before I announced the winner.

I happen to personally know the man who submitted this last entry + he stole my heart the day we met, especially after I saw him interacting with our Little C.

Love + joy radiate from him and he has given me so much hope in what's in store for our girl's future.

Jacob, I feel truly blessed to know you + I am overjoyed you decided to send in a "goodie" recipe for my giveaway. Just by cooking and sharing this recipe -- you are educating the world about you and others like you with Down syndrome -- and chipping away at misunderstandings + stereotypes about your diagnosis (and our little Chloe's too!), proving that we are all more alike than we are different.

You are an inspiration to me and so many. And yes, as you say in your entry, a total ladies man! You certainly won over the two girl's hearts here at our house -- that's for sure! :) Keep spreading that joy + being the life changer that you are! Lots of hugs to you, my friend + best wishes for a VERY Happy New Year!

So without further ado -- here's Jacob's entry.


Jacob's Rosemary & Sea Salt Rice Krispies

Hi!  My name is Jacob. I have Down syndrome which means I have an extra chromosome and most people don't have one - which makes me special and awesome! I am twenty-four years old, I live with my family and I go to a junior college by my house. I love music, hanging out with friends, playing with my dog, catching up on Facebook and watching movies. I am outgoing and fun and that is why I am a ladies man! This recipe makes me smile because it is fun to make and I really enjoy it!

I hope you do too!

Here are all the things you need from your kitchen.

First melt butter and marshmallows in a big pot.

Put in some rosemary and sea salt and mix it all together until it is smooth.

It should look like this. It is really messy and sticky!

Next, turn off the stove and pour in the gluten free Rice Krispies cereal and stir it around and put it in a pan. I used wax paper in the pan so I didn't have to clean it later!

Let it cool and then cut it with a knife.  

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... tastes good! 


Thanks so much again, Jacob, for submitting your entry! It made my week + my giveaway and contest simply wouldn't have been the same without it! :) P.S. I loved your apron! Way to get into the holiday spirit! 

A BIG THANK YOU to those other Gluten Free friends that submitted entries as well! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow! 

Happy New Year + Happy GF Goodie Eating! 
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