Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gluten Free Goodies: Fantasy Fudge

Hello + Happy Tuesday! 

For those following me on Instagram, I want to send out a special THANK YOU to all of you today. Your love and support helped us stay positive yesterday + words can't thank you enough for all of your encouragement and kind words. 

For those that don't know - we've been advocating for Chloe to have a 1:1 aide in school and yesterday was our BIG meeting. I'm happy to report that we left the long + emotional meeting with smiles on our faces. Chloe was awarded the 1:1 support that she needs + will now have her own aide with her at school. Stanton and I are overjoyed with the verdict and we can now sleep more soundly at night, knowing Chloe is happy + safe at school. 

This mama's heart is at peace. Now it's time to prepare for happier days ahead...like Santa visiting! :) I'm going to ignore the fact that we're moving in less than a week and that it will cause any sort of stress. HA! Who can stress when there's holiday baking + decorating to be done...and prep for Santa's big arrival. :) 

Moving onto the recipe share for today...
Today, I'm sharing another entry in my Gluten Free Goodies Giveaway + Contest. Today's entry comes from Lacey in California. Lacey is sharing her Gluten Free Fantasy Fudge recipe and I can't wait to give this one a try! I would have tried making fudge years ago, especially once I went Gluten Free, if I had known it was this easy to make! :)

Thank you for your entry, Lacey! You are officially entered into the contest + now have the chance to win the $50 Gift Card to Target that I'll be giving away at the end of the month! {Whoop! Whoop!}

If you'd like your chance to win - you can find the details + rules about entering here


Gluten Free Fantasy Fudge

Hi, I'm Lacey! I am a junior in high school, I love bacon and spending time with my family! 
I love to bake but this is my first time trying to make one of my "goodie" recipe's Gluten Free. 
I hope you like it!

Fun fact: My brother has Down syndrome just like Katie and Stanton's daughter, Chloe!

Here is my recipe for Gluten Free Fantasy Fudge...

First, I like to get everything I need out and ready to go!  
I started by lining my pans with foil so the fudge wouldn't get stuck inside!  The recipe calls for a 9 inch pan, but I used 3 smaller pans so I can bring some to share at school!

My final bit of prep-work was making sure I had my holiday Eggnog! 

I added the sugar, butter and evaporated milk to a large saucepan on medium heat and stirred.

Once the mixture started to boil, set the timer for four minutes.  It will continue to boil and expand (I thought it was going to boil over!) but just keep stirring it quickly the entire time!

When the timer goes off after 4 minutes - turn off the burner and add the chocolate chips and the marshmallow fluff and STIR!

Once it is combined well, add the vanilla and continue stirring until it is completely smooth!

Like this....

I poured everything into my lined baking pans and let them cool.  
You can also put them in the refrigerator at this time to speed up the process and make them easier to cut and serve later. 

Here's the final photo! :) 

I hope you like it!!! 


Thank you again, Lacey, for entering the contest + for sharing this delicious goodie recipe with all of us! I know that many followers out there will be giving this one a try! Me included! 

Happy GF Baking + Happy Holidays! 
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  1. Your blog is so fun to read and motivating to get on that gluten free bandwagon! Your recipes are simple and delicious and this giveaway is such a great idea! I am really liking this fudge recipe but your reader Lacey is the sweetest!!!! I will be sending you a treat of my own soon!

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