Monday, December 3, 2012

Gluten Free Goodies Entry: Muddy Buddies

I'm happy to share with all of you today, House 54's very first entry for the Gluten Free Goodies Contest

Our first entry was submitted by Caitlin Thomas. Caitlin has been following House 54 since the blog originated + I've enjoyed so much having conversations with her about how to "go Gluten Free"! She's also recently engaged! {Woohoo! Congrats Caitlin!}

She describes herself as a fun + loving woman with a passion for life. She is currently studying to become a Special Education teacher {a girl after my heart!} + she loves kiddos like our Little C.

Today, she's graciously sharing with us her recipe for Gluten Free Muddy Buddies.

Thank you, Caitlin, for your submission + best of luck to you winning the $50 Gift Card to Target @ the end of the month! I just think this goodie recipe is awesome + I can't wait to try it! :)


Gluten Free Muddy Buddies
Submitted by: Caitlin Thomas 

Hello everyone! My name is Caitlin and I'm a bake-aholic, lover of Jesus and children...especially those that are exceptional with special needs. I recently just got engaged and I'm enjoying the happiest time of my life! I hope you all like this recipe! :) 

The prep work for this yummy treat utilizes the microwave and is quick and easily cleaned up! What is especially nice about this goodie is that you can grab it and go, but make sure you make enough for the whole family, these go quickly!

To make some Muddy Buddiesyou'll first want to start by getting a BIG bowl! Trust me, you'll want the biggest one in your kitchen, as this treat makes a lot! 

Melt the chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter in the microwave (keeping it easy!).

 Gotta add some vanilla for added flavor!

Add your newly melted chocolate yumminess to the bowl of Chex cereal and stir until everything is covered!

Now it's time for my favorite part! Place chocolate coated cereal and 1-1/2 cups of powdered sugar in a freezer bag and shake shake shake

I like to let my nephews do this part, they love it!

 And just like that, you're finished! Here's a picture of my finished goodie!

Try it, you will LOVE it!


Thanks again, Caitlin, for your Gluten Free Goodie submission! This looks so simple to make + just as you described -- super yummy! 

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win a $50 Target Gift Card @ the end of the month - send your favorite Gluten Free goodie too! Just make sure you send a complete submission + read the rules from my original post, so that you can be officially entered! 

Spread the Gluten Free Love + Share, won't ya? 

Happy Monday, My GF Friends. 
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  1. Katie, This recipe sounds really yummy! I was wondering how Choloe is doing? Did you end your blog that you were doing about you all? I miss it although I really enjoy this blog.


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