Monday, November 26, 2012

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey + Cranberry Panini

Happy Cyber Monday! :)

Today I'm sharing the final recipe in my Gluten Free Thanksgiving series. For those just tuning in, you can find my other recipes listed here:

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Today's final recipe is simple + only requires 5 ingredients: sliced turkey, cranberry-orange sauce, baby arugula, sliced cheese + GF sandwich bread (I used Udi's GF bread).

To make yourself a Gluten Free Turkey + Cranberry Panini...
Start by buttering your 2 Udi's GF bread slices on one side. I do this to create a nice crispy texture to the bread + it love the extra flavor on the outside of the bread when it's being pressed on the Panini Press.

Flip over your bread slices, butter side down + start pilling on all the ingredients on the inside of your sandwich. I add the cranberry-orange sauce to one slice of bread + layer the turkey on the other.

Then I add my favorite cheese (I used smoked gouda, thinly sliced) + the baby arugula.

Combine the two pieces of breads + all the yummy add-on's + bake in your Panini Press or on your stove top.

Serve + Enjoy! :)


A Little Sidenote...
Given I love my Panini Press so much - I wanted to let you all know, while I was hitting up all the amazing sales for 'Cyber Monday', that it's on sale today over at William's Sonoma. I'm not usually one to 'push' a product but this has to the most used gadget in our kitchen + I know it's not always easy to find one on sale + this cheap. It's normally $170 but is on sale for $99 today.

We got ours for our wedding + we have ZERO complaints! Just sayin'... ;)

Happy Monday + Cyber Monday Shopping! 

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