Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Return + GF Kiddo Lunch Ideas

Well hello there GF friends! I have returned! :)

Well, what can I say?! Buying and selling a house is, as some of you might know, CRAZINESS! I've never been so busy + trust me, with Little C by my side, I am always on the go! This, however, is a whole new kind of busy!

Bare with me a little bit longer. I'm still cooking + baking away -- it just takes time to post everything.

A Few Updates...
We sold our house in 1 day! Insane, right?

We predicted it would go fast though, as most of homes in our area have been, but the news still blew us away!

...And guess what else? We put a deposit down on a new home in the same week. (Ha!)

Here's a picture of the model home that our new home will look exactly like. Don't mind the white model home behind it. It's not attached to it. This was a drive-by shooting (as in photography, of course!) situation. I did the best I could. Mama's busy!

And here's the front:

Right now it's a dirt lot, as it's being built from scratch. It'll take 3 months to build it from start to finish. We're literally moving a mile down the road (we love where we live!) and the new house will be ready in February/March. 

I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

As we begin to close our chapter at House 54 (and grieve a little as this was the place the three of us met. Oh man, here come the tears!) -- we also celebrate the beginning of a new one + all the memories to be made in this new home. And hopefully...a new little member of our family as well. (Keep those fingers crossed + just don't congratulate us too soon. It's not happening...yet!)

So In Meantime...
I'll be cooking from my mom's kitchen. That is, after all, where we'll be staying.

If you know me personally - you know the difference between the two homes and you can tell which kitchen I'm cooking from when I post recipes. OR you may be one of those people with great attention to detail and you've already noticed in previous photos that I seem to have like 4 ovens. HA! Nope, not so.

In the past -- I've just cooked and baked wherever I was. What can I say? I'm on a mom on the go! I make it work wherever I am. :)


Keeping my hello rather short today...
I'm going to cut to the chase. I want to share some more Gluten Free lunches for kids. :)

I have one lunch share today from the lovely Deb over at (Sorry, Deb, I know I was supposed to share this amazing GF lunch idea on Friday) + one of my own. 

Correction: One of Stanton's lunches he packs for Chloe. He's the lunch packer in our house. 

Why you ask? Because that's what Daddy likes to do. He says it's his favorite thing to do for her in the morning. 

I know you just went "Awwwww!". ;) 

How can you not think that's adorable? I'm swooning over here just typing it + I live in the same house at him and see him pack up her things every day. I'm not immune. He's such a good Daddy. 

Starting with Deb's Gluten Free Lunch...

To find out how she made this -- head on over to her site. And remember - she posts a new Gluten Free lunch idea every Friday! :) 

And don't forget, should you try to make it too -- share it with us! We'd love to see! :)

And now Stanton's lunch for Chloe this morning...

Included in her lunch is: 
* PF Changs Gluten Free Chicken Fried Rice (leftovers from dinner last night)
* Gluten Free Pretzels (Glutino brand)
* 1/2 Banana
* Small Box of Raisins* An Apple Sauce "Squeezable" (Apple-Berry flavor)
* Apple Juice (Hansens Natural brand)

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week (here's making it through "hump day"!) + I will hopefully see you tomorrow with those other recipes I promised. I think I shall start with the Gluten Free Homemade French Fries. Yum! Yum! 

Happy Wednesday GF Buddies + Happy GF Cooking! :)
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