Wednesday, September 12, 2012

News + A New GF Cookbook Resource

Good Morning Blogosphere!

I have a couple of updates! First of all -- I updated my Gluten Free Baked Ziti Recipe last night. For those of you that don't know -- it was the very first recipe that I posted on House 54. At the time, I was still learning what I was doing + how many pictures I wanted to post. I've now I've decided that I needed to go back and give that recipe the little umph! that it deserves!

More pictures were added, more details were given + I sure hope you enjoy it! :)

It's a recipe that I make on a regular basis + is one of the most "no fuss" recipes that I know! If you haven't tried it -- now's your chance! :)

Already tried my GF Bake Ziti?
Why not change it up by adding some of your favorite meats to the dish. I personally love adding homemade meatballs to mine! :)


More News!
I got a new cookbook this week that I absolutely HAVE to share with you! It's called, "Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking" and it's by Kelli + Peter Bronski.

Something tells me that this cookbook is going to be the resource for some pretty amazing upcoming recipes on House 54! If you haven't learned by now -- I'm not the kind of gal that tries to "reinvent" the GF Cooking Wheel. I just try to follow it + show you how to do the same. I share what I find, in hopes that it will benefit you as well.

I'm also a visual kind of cook + baker. I need me some pictures to make it through the recipe. I figure you you might too + that this would prove helpful. ;)

And the teacher in me? 
Oh, she's just giddy. I'm loving blogging. I love that I can teach GF cooking to my hearts content + I don't have 30 children running around me while I do it.

Just one lovely child, of course, that I happen to be fortunate enough to call MINE.

Nice compromise, eh? I sure think so! :)


Stay tuned this week! There's more to come...including this recipe:

It's the first on my "Gotta Make" list. I've been craving this ever since I had to Go Gluten Free 4 years ago! I can't wait! :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone + Happy GF Artisanal and Ziti Cooking! 

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