Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Greek Salad + Baked Chicken (Gluten Free)

Hello + Happy Tuesday! :)

Today's recipe is super healthy. 

Yes, this confirms the end of the "summer survival" that I mentioned -- where I made every Gluten Free comfort food dish that I knew, just to make it through the last weeks of summer. It was a busy couple of months!

Don't get me wrong -- those "comfort food" recipes won't disappear. I just think it's time for sharing a few more healthier options as well! Especially because Stanton + I started the Insanity workout yesterday. 

Have you all heard of this? I've seen people's final "reveals" and oh my gosh! I am just shocked! And yes, we've heard it's called "insanity" for a reason.

Insane it was. 

A big part of initiating this insane workout routine, will also mean that we'll need to be more conscious about what we're fueling our bodies with, and making sure we're eating enough protein + veggies.

Hence why I made my version of a Greek Salad to share with you today. :)

This recipe is so SIMPLE!

And so is the dressing! You can even double or triple the recipe if you'd like + keep it stored in your fridge for up to a week! Making my own salad dressing has become one of my favorite things to do.

I'll never buy store-bought salad dressing again!

The Best Part?
I know exactly what went into my salad dressing + I know it's made with fresh ingredients. I don't need to worry about preservatives or additives that could make me sick.


Want to make it a Greek Salad With Chicken?
Easy peasy! This chicken is a great way to fuel your body in a healthy conscious way. It's also baked in the oven + this is one recipe you can't screw up! It's too easy not to make!

Season + coat with olive oil. Flip once through the 30 minute cooking process and Voila! Done.

Want To Make This Chicken Solo?
How about pairing it with some Perfect Rice?

You can top it with your favorite Salsa, Sweet Chili Sauce or Spaghetti Sauce. :)

You can also throw it in the oven with some chopped onions, veggies + fresh tomatoes. It's so delicious! Just make sure you use enough seasoning and I always add lots of garlic!

If you prefer grilling your chicken -- this recipe will work for that too.

Just throw it on your grill (indoor or outdoor) with the same marinade/seasonings, instead of in the oven like I'm showing you.

I sure hope you enjoy today's meal! I know I did! :)

Happy Gluten Free Eating + Happy Insane Workout Week For Us! Wish Us Luck! ;) 
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  1. I am making this tonight! Love Greek salad and chicken of course :) xoxo


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