Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gluten Free School Lunches - Take 1!

As promised, today I'm covering how I pack Gluten Free school lunches. These are inspired by my ever-so-lovely daughter, Chloe. :)

A Little Note Before We Begin...
I just want to point out that I have the healthiest eating child in the world...and I really don't have much to do with it. 'Tis true -- my sweet tooth has not affected her in any sort of way! It baffles me.

She's the girl who will pick grapes as a snack over chocolate covered popcorn. (Yes, she did that the other night!) And she'd prefer a good bowl of rice + chicken over a pizza.

On the other hand -- Lucky me + Lucky YOU! This means that I'll have lots of healthy choices to suggest + even more fruits + veggie ideas.

No Sandwiches... do I say this?! Chloe doesn't like bread or sandwiches either (YET!), so for the first few posts, you won't be noticing any sandwich ideas.

Never fear though! I'm working with one of my close friends, Meredith, who also has 2 kiddos who eat Gluten Free, and she'll be sending me some ideas + pictures soon! Stay tuned...

On To The Lunch Ideas...
Here's a picture of Chloe's lunch today.

Included in her lunch is: 
* The Perfect Rice which was featured in this post
* Gluten Free Pretzels with a side of Peanut Butter (smallest cup)
* Yogurt Covered Raisins I haven't heard that these aren't Gluten-Free. If you know otherwise, please comment below or email me!
* Blueberries (They mixed with the raisins on accident, but she won't mind!)
* An Apple Sauce "Squeezable" (Apple-Strawberry flavor)
* Apple Juice (Back To Nature brand)

I also packed for her, for snack time, a Gluten Free Glutino Breakfast Bar (she loves these!) + another juice.

I know, you're thinking -- where's her protein?!

First of all, she's got her peanut butter in her lunch. Second of all, Mommy always greets her at home with another "snack" that usually consists of more rice (she asks for rice constantly -- and I give her whatever rice that I've prepared that day) + grilled chicken or steak. She's always hungry again when she gets home! :)


I pack what I know she'll eat that day. Today, she asked for rice the second she woke up (HA!) so that's what Mommy packed. :)

And on the topic of C...
I just have to say that with all of this Chloe talk, it makes me miss her.

Stanton + I made the decision to have her go full-day to school again (long story -- you can email and ask questions if you're desperately curious, LOL) until 2:10. I'm still adjusting. It's just weird for me.  Even though I overly enjoy the "me time", I keep watching the clock like I need to get her before lunch. I rush like I don't have a lot of how I do when a sitter is watching her + I need to run to the store.

I miss this sweet face.

What can I say?! I love my girl.

Until tomorrow, my friends...

I wish you Happy Gluten-Free Eating + Happy Gluten-Free Lunch Packing! 
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