Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gluten Free Get Your Man Chicken + The Perfect Rice

Today's Gluten Free recipe is adapted from the lovely and ever-so-entertaining couple, "The Neelys" over at The Food Network. If you haven't checked out their show -- you're seriously missing out! Their BBQ + southern-style comfort food is heaven on a plate!

Aren't you glad I keep my T.V. stuck on The Food Network channel every day? In case you were wondering -- yes, that's how I've come to try some of these tasty recipes that I'm sharing with you. :) 

A bonus...
This recipe requires NO "swapsto make it Gluten Free. I know you're stoked like I am. 

Yes, stoked. It's one of those words that us California girls are likely to say. Not to be confused, of course, with the words "like", "totally" and "killer". Try putting them all in a sentence together and you may just totally proud of yourself. ;) 

Talking like this is so killer. And so is this recipe. 

Guess what else...
This is the VERY FIRST recipe I made for my husband, Stanton, when we first met. He loved it and I still make it for him all the time. I think Gina Neely had me at "Get Yo' Man".

I'm thinking -- oh yeah, I want to get him! And so I made it for him. 

...And got him, I did. :)


Pair this Get Your Man Chicken dish with some fresh veggies + the Perfect Rice (also by The Neelys) and you're all set to go! For those of you who aren't quite sure how to get your rice to come out "just right" -- this is the recipe for you! I make it all the time. 

And as a little note...
When making the "perfect rice" -- I leave out the fresh parsley + thyme that the recipe suggests. It's just my own personal preference + I usually serve it to Chloe as well, who prefers it not be there. Ha! 

I hope you enjoy this recipe, and as always, feel free to email me if you have any questions about this recipe or any others. 

Happy Getting Your Man + Happy Gluten Eating! :) 

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