Thursday, September 13, 2012

Celiac Awareness Day + A Giveaway!

Hello Again Friends! :)

Do you know what today is? It's Celiac Awareness Day! It's a day about recognizing the importance of our health, eating healthy and Gluten Free, and of course, celebrating all of those special folks like myself who have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

(If you're new, don't gasp! It's not as crazy as it sounds. I'll live. LOL.)

So in honor of today, I've decided to whip up something special -- my first GIVEAWAY!!

Here's the big prize:

SIX Packages of Assorted Gluten Free King Arthur Flour Mixes!

The lucky Giveaway Winner's Package will include the following:
1 Gluten Free Bread Mix
1 Gluten Free Cookie Mix
1 Gluten Free Pancake Mix
1 Gluten Free Brownie Mix
1 Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix
1 Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Flour

You have all heard me rave about this brand. You know I think it's one of the best! Now it's your chance to see + taste it for yourself! :)

To Enter The Giveaway, You Must Do The Following:

1. Sign onto Facebook and "Like" our House 54 Page. (Don't have a Facebook? Please just NOTE that in the comments section below.)

2. Add yourself as a "Follower" on the House 54 Blog. (Look for button "Join This Site" in the left hand column.)

3. Comment below with your favorite dish that you miss the most (or would miss the most) since going Gluten Free! If I'm inspired by one of your comments, I might just show you how to make it Gluten Free! :)

** You must complete ALL 3 to be officially entered into the Giveaway ** One Entry Per Person **

The winner will be announced on Saturday morning! You have until 11:59 on Friday night to enter! 

Happy Celiac Awareness Day + Best of Luck To All Who Enter!
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  1. Hey Katie,

    I added myself as a follower and I'm commenting... but I don't have a facebook page so I can't like yours! Is there something else I could do instead to make up for it??

    As for the thing I would miss the most... I can't think of a specific dish, but I think I would miss the convenience of eating whatever without having the think about it (but that's probably not very good for me!). I don't know if it's what I would miss the MOST, but I think I wold probably miss Dill & Sea Salt Triscuits. haha!

    1. Janette, you're on my Instagram! That counts in my book! :)

      Anyone else who is in the same boat as Janette -- just complete the 2 others OR add yourself to my Instagram (MrsHartsfield) + you'll still be entered for a chance to win! :)

  2. I miss being able to go out to any restaurant I want! :)

    - Erica (Celiac and the Beast)

  3. Hey Katie,

    I am not on a Gluten Free diet, but my son has been for years, and my husband just went Gluten Free a month or so ago. I miss baking whole wheat bread. It used to make my whole house smell so good, and I loved it warm from the oven with butter. Now, there doesn't any point to investing the energy into making it for just us Gluten-y folk anymore.

    I have tried the muffins from this brand, and they are THE BEST GF muffins I have ever had! I wonder what the other things are like...I haven't seen them in my local store, just the muffin mix.

  4. Katie,

    So i dont just have ONE dish, as you know lol. But, i miss all of the 'sweets' like cookies, cake, brownies, cookie dough :P aha I guess thats all ill put for now! Talk to you soon!


  5. I have liked your fb page and I have signed up as a follower as well. The thing that I miss the most is crispy creme donuts. It is so hard watching my children eat them on special occasions like birthdays. What is really hard and sad is that I share my birthday with one of my boys. Last year on our birthday, I sat there and watched him and the others eat crispy creme donuts and I could not. Very hard to do. :(

    1. Kris - I'm going to make it my mission to come up with some good doughnuts for us! I've been eyeing a few recipes for quite some time now + I know I can adapt this for us! Give me a few days! I'll get your that recipe + I'll feature it! :)

      Remember -- it's all about adapting! We might not be able to go grab it at the Krispe Kreme's down the road, but we sure can whip up ourselves a few dozen at home + keep them around! (Did I just type dozen? I guess that shows how much I miss them too!)

      Stay tuned + hang tight!

  6. Hi Katie,
    I am follower GinPN on your instagram and have completed your three requests to enter. I have been GF for 15 years mow. Diagnosed with Celiac before most people knew what it was. The thing I really miss most it not having Onion Rings with my GF veggie burger. A lite Tempura batter would be just the ticket to making these when the craving arises. Thanks for your blog and sharing Chloe with us.


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