Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To School Gluten Free Nachos

Hey GF friends! :)

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. We were prepping Chloe for her BIG day today -- the first day of 3rd grade! We all were a little nervous, but mostly excited for a brand new year. How in the world she got this big, this fast -- I will never understand!

She was so excited today with her little backpack + new lunch box in hand. Here's a little peek at what they looked like: 

I found a "C" self-adhesive patch to brand each of them with. "C" is, after all, her nickname! :) 

And I went a little crazy at Pottery Barn Kids getting all of these:

For those who have asked about what I pack Chloe for her school lunches...
Tomorrow's post is for you! Starting tomorrow, I'm having my first "featured" school lunch. I'll be showing you exactly what I pack her + every week, there will be a new school lunch idea that follows.

Here's a little sneak peek:

Now Onto Tonight's Recipe...
Ok, this is not a healthy recipe. I know. Something about surviving the last week's of summer had me making just about every "comfort" food recipe I know...hence why you see them on the blog. Last night - our night before 3rd grade - was no exception. 

Introducing... Back To School Nachos! 

These babies will be your "Go To" when you just don't feel like making any darn thing that requires a pot or pan. Keep this one in your back pocket when you're lazy, exhausted + starving! The best part, of course, is always what?

Yep, these are Gluten Free! 

Have you caught onto my little "one liners" yet? ;) 

All you need to make the GF Nachos are:
* A bag of corn, GLUTEN FREE Tortilla Chips (Not all GF tortilla chips are created equal - check the link + keep in mind that NOT ALL those that are listed are actually safe. I'm still working to create a more comprehensive and reliable list)

* Shredded Cheese (pre-shredded or shred your favorite)
* 1 can of your favorite beans (I tend to use black or kidney, although last night we opted for pinto). Go for organic so you know it's "safe". 
* 1 small 4.5 oz can of chiles
* An Oven :)
* A jar of your favorite salsa (I used La Victoria & added after baking)
* Sour Cream (optional - add after baking)
* Guacamole or sliced avocado (optional - add after baking) 

Crank that oven up to 375 degrees + add your chips, cheese, beans + chiles to an 8x11 baking dish. Cook for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese is melted. 

Add your favorite toppings after baking and voila! - A simple, "comfort" style, Gluten Free meal! ;) 

Bonus Round...
You can add my slightly zingy Baked Creamed Corn With Green Chiles + Green Peppers to the top of them. We tried it last night and my husband couldn't stop telling me how amazing it was + has now requested that we always put it on top of our nachos from now on. :) 

A New Tip About The Corn Recipe...
When I made the Baked Cream Corn recipe again on Monday for Labor Day + I ended up swapping the green bell pepper for another small can of diced jalapenos. I've gotta say -- it's amazing. TRY IT, either way! 

Ok, folks. That's it for tonight. I'm off to bed early so I can get my little munchkin to school on time tomorrow! 

...Maybe I'll even eat some leftover nachos on my way there. ;) 

See you tomorrow!

Happy Gluten Free Eating + Happy Back To School Week! 
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