Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gluten Free Saturday Street Tacos

When Saturday rolls around, all I want to do is throw together a simple + easy dish. Don't you?

A dish that doesn't require a lot of prep or a lot of my time, but that also "hits the spot" and tastes delicious.

Stanton and I are suckers for tacos + Mexican food. We must make tacos at least once a week...usually on a Saturday when we are both relaxing outdoors with Chloe + enjoying some family time together. It probably doesn't hurt either that Mexican food is generally Gluten Free.

Except burritos. I still miss burritos. I have YET to find a great GF tortilla that I can rave about or make myself that's big enough to make a burrito. So that means, for the time being, I'll have to go without them. All the choices available just taste...Bad. Bad with a capital "B".

In other words, Burrito sized tortillas shouldn't be on your shopping list. Don't buy them.

Anyway...I digress. See how I get carried away with all this GF talk? ;)

Back to taco talk... 

Tacos are fun too, in that you can constantly change + get creative with how you'd like to fill them. You can make them with just about any meat -- chicken, carne asada, ground beef, fish, shrimp...the possibilities are endless!

Often times, like today, we choose to make carne asada tacos. They're our favorite!


To make our Saturday Street Tacos, start by adding your piece of flank steak to a Large Ziploc Bag. (We prefer to trim the meat later after it's cooked, but if you'd like, you can trim off the excess fat before doing this).

Add about 6 tablespoons of Olive Oil + about 3 tablespoons of Garlic Salt to the bag.

Remove the excess air from the bag + seal it shut.

Begin massaging the meat + the seasonings together in a "Shake 'n Bake" fashion. (Please tell me you all know what I'm referring to or I must be older than I realize. Ha!)

Shake it around +  make sure all the meat is coated. Set it aside.

Time To Prep The Onions...
Take 1 large onion + cut it like you're making onion rings.

Then place the onion "rings" onto a large piece of foil. We're going to make a little foil pack to place on the grill and make these nice and caramelized and yummy!

Spray the onion rings with a little Olive Oil.

And lightly sprinkle them with some Paprika + Mrs. Dash.

Seal up the foil pack + set aside. 

Time For Some Corn...
We also chose to add some corn to our list of things to grill. You can add this onto the tacos themselves OR you can add it as a side dish. There is nothing fancy that we do with the corn. We literally just throw it onto the grill, cook it, and remove it from the cob with this handy, dandy Corn Zipper

It's one of the coolest kitchen tools...ever! We use it all the time! 

Prepping The Tortillas...
Grab a big stack of tortillas (2 tortillas per taco x the amount of people eating) and run them very quickly over some water. 

Place them on a small plate, cover them with a paper towel + place them in the oven for 20-25 seconds. You are just getting them moist before you place them on the grill with all the other goodies we're prepping. :) 

Set them aside. 

It's Grill Time!
Toss your meat, corn, onion "pack" + tortillas onto the grill. There's nothing fancy to it. 

If you don't have an outdoor grill, we also have an indoor one we use or you could cook this up on your stovetop. Whatever it easiest for you! 

Cook Times...
Corn -- About 10 minutes. Turn a few times until it starts getting bright + you notice the charred grill marks appearing on them.

Tortillas -- A minute or two. Grill each side and remove.

Onion Foil Pack -- About 15 minutes or until the onions look caramelized. Don't overcook or they will burn. You can check on them by opening the pack to check. 

Flank Steak -- About 18 to 20 minutes. Only turn once (or as few times as possible). Cook on one side for 9 - 10 minutes, flip + repeat. Cook time will vary depending on the size of the steak. We also like our steak for tacos well done. 

Cut the steak in strips against the grain.

Then dice into smaller pieces + add to a bowl with the onions that have also been diced. 

Time To Assemble The Tacos...
Assemble the tacos by placing the meat, onions, salsa and your favorite cheese. You could also add the corn to the tacos or have a side dish + top with some homemade guacamole

We chose Feta Cheese today. You can use whatever type of cheese is your favorite. :)

Add some salsa (I used La Victoria -- it says GF right on the back) or a dash of tapatio for an extra *kick* and you're good to go! 

Serve + Enjoy! :)

Have A "Fiesta Day" Any Day, With GF Saturday Street Tacos! Happy GF Eating! 
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