Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sandy's Famous GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I was growing up...I could still eat gluten. (Gasp!)

Despite the fact that everyone in my family showed symptoms of having celiac (all of us...meaning all 5 of us in my family), no doctor ever diagnosed us with having it. Well, that was until my mom, Sandy, turned 50. A nurse practitioner of all people (tell me that's not crazy!) was the one to diagnose her, after she swore something must have been seriously wrong with her.

And in a sense, she was correct. After the nurse practitioner confirmed she had celiac disease (an intolerance to wheat, rye, barley and oats), she handed my mom a piece of paper with the things she couldn't eat anymore + sent her on her way.

Sensitive, right? :(

Anyway, given that my mom has always been a baker since I can remember, the first thing she got very depressed about was the fact that she couldn't make her favorite chocolate chip cookies anymore -- the same ones she taught my 2 sisters + I to make, growing up.

It's the same recipe that to this day, we all still know by heart.

Baking was, in a sense, the way that we all bonded. It was our common ground, when most days we had nothing else.

It took awhile for my mom to warm up to the idea of even attempting a Gluten Free version of her favorite + "famous" cookies. I'm not even quite sure how long it took. It might have been when my youngest sister, Krissy, got diagnosed next, 6 months later. Or it might have been at the point when we all read enough to realize that this "celiac business" was genetic, like other auto-immune diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, and that we ALL had it. Maybe it was the moment all 4 of us (my dad refused) became Gluten Free.

Either way, once we my mom + my sisters + I realized we were ALL on the GF train + that it wasn't a train you shouldn't get off from -- that's when things in our new Gluten Free world seemed to turn around. It was then, that we came to the conclusion that this was more than some diagnosis -- that being G-Free was a change in our lifestyles + the way we were going to live.


Why They're "Famous"...
When I say that these chocolate chip cookies are famous, what I mean is that people would regularly ask my mom for the recipe throughout my entire childhood + adulthood. Everyone wanted to duplicate them.

When I was in college, they were the cookies I wanted my mom to make when I got home.

And to this day? They are the cookies my youngest sister's friend Stephanie (shout out to Steph!) still asks for when she comes into town and visits. My sisters too.

They are the BEST. Holy even, in our homes.

And now that I have a family of my own? Guess what cookies I'm still making.
The Gluten Free version of the "famous" ones I grew up eating + loving.

The sweet cookies, in all of their yummy deliciousness! 

Now for a tip...
Here's the trick about baking Gluten Free cookies. They need MORE Gluten Free flour then the "old" recipes. I don't know why...but they just do. I'd say it's anywhere from 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup more than the "old" recipes.


The Ingredients.
Here's a few pictures of the most important things you'll need (other than the eggs + vanilla extract):


The Baking Process (In Pictures):

This is what the cookie dough will look like before adding the flour:

Here's the the dough will look like after. It's very thick.

See what I mean by, you'll need a mixer ? ;)

When I place the cookie dough onto the baking sheet, I make sure they are NICE + BIG!

That's the way to perfect these!

And here's what the cookies will look like on the baking trays when they come out of the oven:

If they are thicker or taller than this -- don't panic. That's ok!

If you bake them just right, they'll even be a bit warm and will melt in your mouth when you eat them (how's that for a visual?! LOL).

You'll know what I mean when you bite into these! :)

Oh! And don't bake them darker than this. They aren't meant to be "crispy".

I sure hope you enjoy our passed-down-through-generations treat! Got any questions about them? Be sure to email me!

Happy Tuesday + Gluten Free Eating, my friends! Cheers!

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  1. Hi Katie, it's Kate. I'm looking to re-do my blog design and I love yours. Who did it for you? If you wouldn't mind, please fb me their info. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Yay! Is pamelas your favorite gf flour? I only ever tried bobs red mill....

    1. Hi Dawn! Yes, that's my favorite. I don't mind Bob's Red Mill for baking that doesn't require rising. I've used Bob's for recipes like my Raspberry Crisp + loved how it turned out. I also like William's Sonoma's Cup 4 Cup.


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