Monday, August 20, 2012

Our First Feature!

Hello My GF Friends! I've got NEWS!

House 54 has been featured! :)

It's my very first feature since launching the House 54 Blog less than 2 weeks ago and as you might imagine, I'm very excited! The feature also includes a quick little Q+A session between myself and Courtney @ Designer Blogs.

Head on over to the Designer Blog site and check it out!

Since we're onto news, I also have to share this little tid bit! Guess how many "hits" my blog got in the first week?

Wait for it....Wait for it...


Thank you everyone for all your support and for sharing my site with your friends! I've gotten some really amazingly sweet emails and I appreciate them so much! More than anything, I'm just enjoying sharing what I know and having the opportunity to help others. :)

I'll be back tomorrow with a scrumptious + uber delicious treat!

Happy Reading + Happy GF Eating!
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