Monday, August 13, 2012

GF Kid Food Re-Mix, Chloe Style!

Meet Chloe, my daughter + the little love of our lives.

Chloe just turned 8 years old last month (we can hardly believe it!) + she is by far the best thing that's ever happened to my husband and I. Chloe is special, in so many ways, and we consider her to be our life's most precious gift. 

She sheds light on even the darkest skies and + days.
She makes the petty things in life that we all think are important, seem foolish + silly. 
And she by far, has the CUTEST laugh on the planet! 

Can you feel my love for her jumping off the page? 

I sure hope so. ;)


What Does Chloe Eat? 
Many have begun asking what Chloe eats, given she's also on a Gluten Free diet. 
And if you're new to this whole how-to-feed-my-kid-on-a-Gluten-Free-diet thing, let Chloe here be your guide. :)

Most assume that it's difficult for us to find her something to eat, given she's a child + kids can be picky eaters.

True. But also not so true. 

At least that's the case since we put Chloe on a G-Free diet a few months ago. Before that, I would have absolutely agreed with you + said, yes, we can't get her to eat anything. 

Benefit #1 to putting MY child on a GF diet: MORE eating taking place! 
We think it's because Chloe really is feeling much better eating G-Free + something tells me she has celiac like I do. I'm sure she was feeling all sorts of yuck before, hence why she would stray from well, now that I think about it, most things containing gluten. And why she would have behavior spikes after eating gluten. 

What's The Trick? 
Just like you're finding with my recipes to just make a few "swaps" here + there to make things GF.
The same goes for my no-fuss kid meals. 

Cutting right to the chase? I give fill Chloe's plate with ingredients I've already prepped for my own meals. 

For example: Remember this salad I made? 

And that chicken on it too?

How about the corn and yummy pasta? Do you remember that?

Guess what? Chloe ate it too! 

Just in her own, kid-friendly kind of way...where nothing on the plate is allowed to touch the other. ;) 


Using a fun little plate to make it interesting doesn't hurt either! ;)

Got any more GF questions?
Feel free to send them my way! I'm always happy to help! 

Happy Monday, Everyone + Happy GF Kid Meal Making!

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