Sunday, August 12, 2012

Got A Question?

I'm going to have a FAQ session! And I'm taking questions! 

Whether you're new to Gluten Free eating, interested in eating this way, or have kids that have celiac -- if you have a question, I want to hear from you!

How to send me your questions:
1. Post it here in the comments section below.
2. Email me. (See that email/letter button at the top, right corner of the page? That's for you!)
3. Join me on Instagram. (My username is: House054)

Many have been sending me questions on Facebook, Instagram, or in email already. 
I thank you for doing so!

My goal is to show + teach everyone just how beneficial this can be for you or your family -- whether you have celiac like I do or not! 

Processed Foods Made By Machines: Out
Home-cooked Meals + Snacks: TOTALLY IN!

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