Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gluten Free Raspberry Crisp

So, I've been thinking. Today might be the day I need to make a confession.
I really think it's time you knew. 

My name is Katie and I'm a professional foodie. And a dessert lover too! ;)

In fact, I don't think sweet tooths come any sweeter than mine! I also love to bake so that makes for quite the nice combination. Don't you think?! 

When scouring the web recently for something new + sweet to bake, I found myself turning to The Pioneer Woman for ideas. Anyone familiar with her? She's also a blogger, who's now featured on The Food Network channel. I'm a big fan of hers. I love her blog, her lifestyle (seriously, how dreamy is her ranch?!) + her witty sense of humor. And, of course, I love how she loves food the way I do! 

Today's recipe is inspired by her Raspberry Crisp.

The problem though, was that it wasn't Gluten Free. :(

So what did I do? A few little "swaps", of course! (Have you caught onto my strategy yet?)

Only ONE swap, to be exact. And it was the flour. 
I swapped the wheat based flour for the G-Free kind + I happily continued prepping this recipe.

Here's what the filling looks like:

And a look at the crumbly "crisp" that goes on top, when it was in my food processor:

 Just before I added the remaining butter & pecans

The result was a super delicious + addictive sweet treat. My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied.
And yours will be too if you try this. 

One More Confession:
One night, I was even found hanging out in the fridge, door wide open, scraping little bits around the edges of the tart dish with a spoon. 

And then the, uhh, scraping bits turned into big bites...

Then my big bites bites turned into adding some whipped cream.

And then?
...It was gone! :)

Katie's Rating: 2 Thumbs Up + A Late Night Trip To The Fridge For More! 

I've made this recipe a few times now + it's just too good not to share! I followed the recipe exactly as Ree Drummond wrote it, only like I said, "swapping" her wheat based flour for my Williams-Sonoma's Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free Flour instead.

I've also tried making this sweet dish with walnuts, instead of the pecans. Both are delicious!

Happy GF Baking! Enjoy! :)

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