Monday, August 20, 2012

Gluten Free Mini Egg Frittatas

Today's recipe will be a big hit in your house, especially if you're not one to make time to eat breakfast. 

It's also another ridiculously simple recipe to whip up and it's perfect when you need something "on the go". You'll find they are similar to my On The Fly Egg Cups recipe I shared a while back. 

Doesn't this look way better than GF cereal today? :)

You can make these mini frittatas in your favorite muffin tin.

Just remember: Depending on the size muffin tin you use, the cooking time will vary, especially if you use a mini muffin tin like this:

Another Great Bonus For My Casein Sensitive Friends...
This recipe contain no cheese. Substitute your milk for almond milk or soy -- and you've got a casein free treat as well! :)

Is your mouth watering yet? Thinking your family + friends would love these?
You want them all for yourself, you say? ;)

Well then you better get making them, my friend! :) Let me show you how...

Here's a little photo montage of how I made my GF Mini Frittatas:

Combining the egg mixture + the add-ins I cooked on the stovetop.  

Don't forget to set your timer! ;) I've forgotten myself, a time or two! 

And of course, the recipe. Can't forget that!

Perfect way to start your Monday + week, right? :)

Have questions about the ingredients I used or steps I took to create this Gluten Free meal? Email me + I'd be happy to help! 

Happy Gluten Free Eating! 

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