Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gluten Free Baked Creamed Corn With Green Bell Peppers + Green Chiles

I'm always looking for a new side dish that's as easy to put together, as it is delicious!
I also go a little ga-ga over any recipe that has corn in it.

Perhaps that's why I chose to make this:

Sweet Baked Creamed Corn with Green Bell Peppers + Green Chiles

Yes, I like corn. I like starch too. And yes, I know corn is not the best choice when it comes to vegetables. You know what though? This recipe has green bell peppers and chiles too, so I'd say that ups the ante when it comes to nutritional value, eh?

Are you following my logic? ;)

And makes me happy because I can eat it without worry. That's always a good enough reason in my book!

I should also point out that after making this recipe for first time (which was last week), my husband has already requested it again.

Translation: This dish is a keeper! Now hurry off and go make it! ;)


This recipe was inspired by Ree Drummond's lastest recipe posted in The Food Network Magazine. You all know how much I like Ree. She's pretty much amazing. She has 4 kids, manages to help run an entire ranch and makes sure dinner (and every other meal for that matter) is on the table on time.

Hmmm. I have one child and I have no ranch. Yet, I still struggle with getting the dinner on the table before 7:30. What does she know that I don't? Tell me your secrets, Ree.

How have I gone on talking about ranches and Ree this for so long?

Please excuse my tangent.

Back to my recipe...
The original recipe has red bell peppers + jalepenos. But I didn't have that in my panty or fridge. So, I improvised and made a few minor changes. I also added onions for good measure + I cut the recipe half, since I only have 3 people in my family.

Though truly, I shouldn't have cut it in half. This I now realize. We devoured it ALL and barely had enough leftovers for lunch the next day.


To make this recipe yourself, first start by throwing all of your ingredients into a bowl. Yep, it's that easy. 

You'll need:

1 can (4.5 oz) of chopped + peeled green chiles. 

 1/2 stick of butter - cut into tablespoons

 1 diced onion + 1 diced green bell pepper

 1/2 cup of heavy cream

 Here's all the ingredients in the bowl

Except for these. Don't forget your salt + pepper

Mix it all together, throw it in a small baking dish + bake! 

Serve + Enjoy! 

Happy Thursday + Happy GF Eating! See you tomorrow! 

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