Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gluten Free 411: My Break-up With Rudi's.

Meet Rudi's, my former friend.

Rudi's is a bread company that offers a variety of Gluten Free bread choices. They are also a company that prides themselves on taking "15 months" to come up with a great G-Free alternative to their regular gluten-filled organic breads that they make + distribute. Organic is great, but it's not Gluten Free. And being healthy + eating "organic" is very different than being healthy + eating "Gluten Free", as well as the reasons behind each.

But their attempts to make a Gluten Free bread that's tasty? I commend them on that. It definitely tastes delicious. The problem is -- the taste doesn't have anything to do with it being "safe" for people who suffer from celiac disease like myself.

What I've learned on this Gluten Free Journey more than anything else, is the simple fact that just because something is labeled as Gluten Free, doesn't necessarily mean that it is.

Say What?! Crazy, right?

What I mean is -- if a company is going to bake Gluten Free products in the same facility as they bake non-gluten free products, then what's the point of making it at all?! And if they educated themselves more, they'd realize that doing so creates an issue called cross-contamination.

The site Gluten Free Homemaker writes up a good explanation of what this is, which can be found here.


A Quick Little Q + A...

Many ask me: What happens when I eat something that is cross-contaminated?

The simplest answer? I'm going to get sick.

I have an intolerance to wheat + having an intolerance is very different than an allergy. What that means is -- my body thinks it's an intruder + will fight it off like it would fight off a common cold. Only well, instead of fighting the "foreign" cold, the body attacks itself, hence why celiac is classified as an auto-immune disease.

Celiac is not something you can see externally, but rather something that goes on inside of me internally. And everyone else like me who has celiac disease.

All it takes is ingesting 1/8 of a teaspoon (picture a spoon, people -- I'm talking a pinch! It's craziness!) to set off a person with celiac disease. And really, I don't think 1/8th should even be allowed in my system. And let me just point out that if in fact that "pinch" scenario does happen...I will feel very sick + out of sorts for 3 - 5 days after that.

And that's exactly how my family + I felt recently, after consuming some delicious Rudi's bread.
Very sick + not ourselves.

I got a migraine, Stanton got a headache, and poor Chloe's stomach (along with ours) has been bothering her for 3 days now. She's bloated + terribly uncomfortable. I am as well. I also have the lovely symptom of not making much sense when I talk (this has got to be one of the most annoying symptoms!) and overall I just feel sort of "foggy brained". Lovely, right?! Sigh.

Thanks a lot, Rudi's. Or actually, NOT.


To solidify my point, check out what Rudi's writes on their website: 

Hmm...I wonder. 
My concerns lie in the equipment they are using + whether this company is being completely truthful about the equipment they use. They lay it right out for you by saying, "we do not have a dedicated gluten-free facility". That kind of says it all, folks.

Also, if you need further convincing + you read carefully between the lines, Rudi's talks about how they only bake their G-Free breads "after our facility has gone through an extensive, full day clean-up process." Why would they consider ANY cleaning if they truly knew how dangerous the issue of cross-contamination is.

Furthermore, if a person with celiac shouldn't have food prepared in pots + pans that non-gluten free food was prepared in, wouldn't you think the same would be true in a GIANT facility? There is a reason so many of us have had to buy new pots, pans, toasters, etc. that are strictly dedicated to cooking Gluten Free food on. The same should be true for a facility.

Do I make my point? I sure hope so.

Stay clear, my G-Free friends.
And as for you Rudi's -- we're officially broken up.

I'm so sad too, because you taste so good. :(


**More Gluten Free info & reviews to be posted this weekend in my FAQ session**

Tune in then to learn more about eating Gluten Free and how you and your family could benefit from making the switch, whether you have celiac disease like I do or not. :)

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  1. I really hope there are enough people out there that will take this serious so that all the people suffering from this realize what a serious matter this really is.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, Tammie! We've actually had Rudi's before and not felt quite right, but blamed it on something else we must have eaten. This time around we knew for sure, that it was indeed the bread. :(

      Note to self: Stop trying to eat store-bought products when they will almost never be safe for me to eat!


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