Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gluten Free BBQ Round-Up Salad

Today's recipe is a real mouth waterer. According to my husband, Stanton, it's the best salad he's ever had. Yes, he said "ever".

It's that amazing. 

Think I'm kidding? Just look at this delicious masterpiece. 

It's adapted from a recipe I saw in the latest edition of Food Network Magazine (July/August 2012). I loved the overall concept of the salad but decided instead of adding ham and broccoli (which are both GF anyway + I'm sure would be equally as delicious in the salad), that I'd switch them up for corn + BBQ chicken.

I lived in the south for a good part of my childhood. I think I'll always want to southern-fy just about any recipe I make. It's innate at this point. ;) 

The original recipe, in case you might want to make this one too. 

And the dressing. Let's discuss the dressing!

It's so good -- you'll never want to buy store-bought ranch Gluten Free dressing again. It's healthier, has no additives + is so yummy you'll want to make a BIG batch of this up and keep it in your fridge.

The dressing has become another new favorite for ours + one that I'm sure my hubby will be asking me to make again this weekend. ;)

I licked the bowl a few times. (Shh! Don't tell!)

So anyway -- enough talking! Let's get cooking! :)

Make this recipe this week! Seriously. 

All the ingredients

Prepping the chicken 

That delicious BBQ Sauce I told you about (Found @ Whole Foods) 

Scoring the avocados -- Squeeze the other half of the lemon (juice) on these afterwards 

Tinkyada Pasta I used this time (Elbow; Found @ Whole Foods or online)

Draining the pasta and drenching in cold water, to stop the cooking process 

The chopped up tomatoes, avocados, red onion and shredded cheese 


Take the corn off the cob

The beginnings of the salad assembly

Just after adding the chicken, corn + dressing

The Finished Product. Time to dig in! 


For Your Reference:
The Food Network Magazine Original Recipe -- Only 1 Swap Needed (GF Noodles)
My BBQ Chicken Version -- 2 Swaps, because I threw in the Gluten Free BBQ Sauce ;)

Hubby's Rating: 2 Solid Thumbs Up + A "Best Ever" Compliment!

Happy Summer + Happy GF Cooking!
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